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Corporate Social Responsibility

Culina Group is a company with a conscience and its CSR approach is defined by four key elements: People, Environment, Charity, Wastage.

Culina People



Culina Group fully understands that people are the most important component of any successful organisation. When it comes to its clients, employees and suppliers, Culina Group strongly believes in running its business openly, honestly and fairly. Culina Group always seeks to support its own people and is extremely proud to say that everyone works in an environment without discrimination, where they have opportunities to develop and progress based purely on their own abilities and hard work. What's more, Culina Group always seeks to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients and suppliers based on a true partnership approach.

Culina Environment



Culina Group is committed to complying with key environmental legislation, with an independent consultancy recording its carbon emissions on a monthly basis. As well as the introduction of LNG fuelled vehicles, Culina Group places real emphasis on driver education, while driving efficiency is routinely monitored. Route optimisation is achieved via GPS technology and Culina Groups central planning functions help minimise empty pallet spaces on vehicles. Meanwhile, warehouse initiatives include energy efficient lighting and widespread recycling of cardboard and plastic. Importantly, 100% of food or drink disposal is anaerobic, meaning 0% goes to landfill.

Culina Charity



Culina Group is extremely proud to be an official supporter of Cancer Research UK, one of the UK's most high profile and influential charities. Since partnering with the charity in early 2017, kind hearted Culina Group employees, clients and suppliers have all played their part through a variety of memorable and, at times, downright wacky fundraising initiatives! Cancer is a disease that affects every single one of us in one way or another, so please take a moment to visit the Cancer Research UK website to find out more about this extremely important charity who do everything possible to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Culina FareShare



Culina Group is delighted to recommend FareShare, a fantastic organisation with the aim of fighting hunger, and its underlying causes, and tackling food waste. FareShare helps to feed over 80,000 people per day by supplying over 1,700 charities and community organisations throughout the UK with surplus food and drink that would otherwise go to waste. Culina Group is committed to maximising supply chain efficiency and believes FareShare can assist with this endeavour by helping to eradicate food wastage. For more information about how to tackle food waste in your supply chain and redistribute any surplus food, simply get in touch with FareShare now.