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Continuous Improvement

Culina Continuous Improvement


Culina Group continues to invest heavily in its business to ensure it can continue providing customers with an efficient and robust supply chain platform that can be trusted to perform in a challenging and dynamic industry in the long run. When it comes to continuous improvement, Culina Group focuses on five key areas:


A dedicated Quality Assurance Manager and Learning & Development Manager help to ensure that robust operational and ethical standards are adhered to. Meanwhile, stringent internal auditing processes help to identify efficiency and cost saving opportunities across the supply chain.


The sustainable development of Culina Groups already impressive network infrastructure ensures that the business can keep pace with the growth and changing requirements of its clients and the wider industry, while also continuing to deliver the most efficient service possible.


Culina Group wouldn't be a market leader without the energy, drive and passion of its employees. Numerous staff are financially incentivised to meet and exceed KPI targets and deliver cost effective solutions to clients. Culina Group takes the development of its best people very seriously to ensure high rates of retention, which adds real value to itself and its clients.


Culina Group invested over £2.5m in its systems infrastructure in 2013 and 2014, ensuring its operational and customer service functions have the platform from which to deliver on customer expectations. The investment will continue throughout 2015 and 2016, with projects drawn up to further develop Culina Groups web portals and satellite tracking systems.


There is a real focus around achieving cost efficiencies in the FMCG sector, which has ultimately led to the margins of many food and drink manufacturers being challenged. Culina Group recognises the importance of minimising inefficiency and waste in the supply chain and has a track record of working collaboratively with key industry stakeholders to achieve this objective.